Violence against women and girls

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Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. One in three women around the world experience violence in their lifetime, often in the hands of someone they know, trust and love.

Women and girls are under physical, mental and sexual violence. We can see many incidents around us and even hear of such violence in news bulletin. However, we are behaving as if we haven’t heard and seen anything. This is not a time to sit back and behave cowardly. Now is the time to say no violence against women and girls. Women’s and girls’ well-being is negatively affected due to violence. A woman is physically abused for many reasons, such as dowry, relationship issues between husband and wife and so on.

A woman undergoing daily physical abuses may suffer from grave injury -- broken hands or legs, head injury or scars of smoke in many body parts -- including death. These kinds of activities are against law and human rights. Everybody has right to live. Physical violence to women and girls shows the cowardice of males and boys. We have no option other than standing for rights of women and girls.

Additionally, following the physical violence, women and girls are also suffering from mental violence. Physical violence may impact immediately, however, mental violence may lead to long-term problems. Mental violence may result lead to psychological trauma, including anxiety and chronic depression. This may also impact on their confidence level. In today’s situation, many women and girls are suffering from sexual harassment. And in fact, they are harassed by the one they know and even sometimes from their blood-related family members. They are not secure in their homes too. We hear the news of bullying, harassing and even the cases of rape increasing by the day. It creates difficult situation for them in colleges, buses and everywhere. They are unable to face the society’s tantrums. They even lose the chance of fully participating in social activities.

Notwithstanding the physical, mental and sexual violence, many of the victims of violence have committed suicide till today and this action will not stop here unless we try to eliminate such violence. For this, we need to promote the need for changing norms and behavior of men. And not only this, but also make women and girls aware about violence and taking stand for themselves.



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