Let us be free

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The country’s topmost positions are held by women but we females are still not confident enough. We are apprehensive to take decisions, to be what we are. We fear of someone commenting upon us. Why? Let us be free. Let us free ourselves from all the ill thoughts that comes in our mind. Let us enjoy our life to the fullest. Nobody can steal our happiness from us. Let us choose our own life partner. Let us not marry if we don't want to. Let us adopt a child, let us be surrogate mothers. Let us enjoy late nights, drinking and smoking. Let us go to kitchen and temples during menstruation.

My sisters, you aren’t raised high by just studying in modern boarding schools, wearing modern outfits and speaking with accent. Can you enter your kitchen and temple during menstruation? Can you bring your boyfriends to your home? Can you speak to your boyfriends in your mobile phones in front of your parents? Have you seen your mothers and grandmothers giving same respect to your sister and brother-in-law when they come home? Have you seen your father cooking meal for you, brooming, cleaning your house, washing clothes and your mother chatting with her friends in the chowk? Have you seen your brother doing the household chores?

Imagine what your future is going to be. You will be a wife of a husband like your father and brother. You will be a daughter-in-law of a mother-in-law like your sister, mother, aunt. So from now onward, we need to change the way we are brought up. We always should be independent. We are not our parents fairy and husband’s puppet. We are on our own. We mustn’t expect a heavenly in-law's home and well-mannered behavior from our father-in-law and brother-in-law when our father and brother are still the same. We don't have right to expect good behavior from our mother-in-law and sisters-in-law when our mother and sisters are still backbiting our sisters-in law.

So where should we start? It starts from me, from us, from my family. We cannot change others until we change ourselves. Isn’t it about time? Our country is developing in electricity, health, roads. Isn’t it high time to develop our thoughts? Are we always going to be citizens of an underdeveloped country? I feel I am 100% responsible for the fate of my country today. I am totally responsible for the situation of women in my country. I should fight and so should you all females and males who want the country to be developed. Without raising the human development index of the country, no way will we be considered as developed. Yes, we all are responsible.

Let us all fight against all these discriminations, miseries and odds that are still existing. It’s not that men aren’t facing troubles. They are always having difficulties in balancing their wives and their families. It’s beacause they aren’t considering problems of their sisters and mothers as theirs since their childhood. They are always superior in the family. It’s right whatsoever they do but his life partner, who is earning as much as him, is going to face all the troubles. She is an employee and she needs to balance her work too. She cannot be in stress everytime while she has to work with her colleagues and compete with them. This is a problem faced by Nepali working ladies nowadays and the trouble goes to men too. Let us all be united. Let us all develop our country. And we females, let us be free.



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    While Nepal should address voices that question the constitution, it should not undermine the document’s dignity and longevity if the country wants to establish a constitutional culture. No constitution can fulfill all wishes. The drafters of the present constitution should not feel guilty in not securing the consent of all citizens. If the constitution is not fundamentally discriminatory, it has chances to grow further.

    Bhushan Aryal

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    Chintamani Mahapatra


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    A water-filled ditch looks quite benign until someone lands into it. It was a case of extreme apathy on the part of the perpetrators as the girl paid up with her life for their neglect.

    Hemant Arjyal

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    While some opine that, relief can be an option for providing an instant solution, the majority believes that Nepal needs a permanent solution to the problem. And the solution could be construction of dams and water reservoirs, which are the best instruments for flood control.

    Pooja Chaudhary

Readers Column

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    I have seen my sisters and friends isolated and treated in discriminatory manner during their first menstruation cycle. They were not allowed to look at the sun, to touch water source, flower, fruits, any male family member, nor even hear their voice. The activist may claim the situation has changed and I do agree but still during every month my loved ones turns into untouchables beings.