• Dr KC and PM Koirala’s integrity Dr KC and PM Koirala’s integrity

    The selfless doctor, who inspires hope and optimism amidst all the chaos across the country, is on the fifth day of non-violent protest risking his life but Koirala, a protégé of Nepali Congress (NC) founded on Gandhian principles, is singularly acting like Gandhi’s three monkeys refusing to see, hear and speak about the issue.

    Prem Dhakal

  • Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy

    Part of the reason Singapore became so successful was because it was so predictable, even boring. Still, for a country like Nepal, it would pay to follow Singapore’s example and be boring and predictable.

    Manish Gyawali


  • In love with Nepal In love with Nepal

    On a path, an elderly woman handed me a piece of grapefruit, showing toothless gums as she smiled at me. She reminded me of old days with my grandmother in her dear countryside, when times were not about rushing after pure illusion of power and money, where life was about enjoying every moment in peace.

    Isabelle Lippitsch

  • An unforgettable vacation to Bern An unforgettable vacation to Bern

    This time in Switzerland was in no way as apprehensive as it had been the last time when we got mugged.

    Anukrit Lamichhane

Readers Column

  • Corporación Dinant is not driven by corporate greed

    Dinant is not in conflict with the genuine peasant associations of Honduras: Our African Palm plantations support thousands of sustainable jobs with company pensions and compensation levels well above the national minimum wage; they have also significantly contributed to improving skills, education and health. We recognize the value and importance of engaging peacefully and transparently with those that hold different viewpoints and believe that we can find some common points of mutual interest.

  • A letter to our Honorable Prime Minister

    Lighting up the capital was not an end but a beginning towards infrastructure development, implementing the power treaties, scaling the economies upwards, and to write the constitution on time.