• Victory over the Netherlands: A one-off event? Victory over the Netherlands: A one-off event?

    Cricket pundits have dubbed the 19-run victory over the Dutch in the alien European conditions as the greatest win by the Nepali cricket team in the 50-over format.

    Sujan Adhikari

  • A strange paradox A strange paradox

    Recent events across the world demonstrate a seemingly strange paradox: the rise of insecurity and fissures in the body politic of major powers around the world.

    Saurabh Kaushik


  • Perhaps Lord Vishnu has diabetes Perhaps Lord Vishnu has diabetes

    In Hinduism, oat is used as a pious substance for worshipping different forms of Lord Vishnu. Hindus do not use akshyta (rice); rather, they use jau (oat) and til (sesame seed) to worship Lord Vishnu.

    Dr Archana Nepal

  • The First Twin Temblors and After-5 The First Twin Temblors and After-5

    Then it happened again: A major jolt matching the twin temblors of April 25. I could immediately feel the tenacity and forcefulness of this big one. The entire 10-story building went boom-bam-boom, boom-bam-boom in vibrations. Our floor heaved. The windowpanes rattled. The trees outside swayed to and fro in swirling sighs. Birds cooed, chattered and flapped away in confused directions.

    Peter J Karthak

Readers Column

  • Let’s change the way we see rape

    Feminism can help punish a rapist, but can never control rape. Some say rapists are mentally disturbed people. If this is true, how do we explain gang rape? Can a whole gang be mentally disturbed at the same time? What makes understanding the motive behind rape more difficult is that some rape cases are a result of ‘punishment’ imposed upon the raped by community for ‘violating’ social norms, customs.

  • For the visually impaired

    Coincidentally, I was surfing the internet one day when I recalled those yellow tiles. On Google I typed ‘Odd yellow tiles on the sidewalk’. Instantly trusty Google displayed answers on the screen. I felt a fat smile form on my face as I read. Immediately I was praising Nepalese policymakers.