• Inclusive sports and CSR Inclusive sports and CSR

    When working with the issues of inclusion and discrimination, still too few people imagine that sports can be a catalyst to bring that indispensable funding and support needed to create a more inclusive society in Nepal. We should understand that sports can be the biggest platform to bring disability in the mainstream discourse.

    Simone Galimberti

  • Why is there exclusion in Nepal’s Court? Why is there exclusion in Nepal’s Court?

    The practice of parliamentary hearing in Nepal performs very little of significance value because the real essence of hearing is absent in the procedure. It’s so contradictory that an individual that the the parliamentary hearing committee finds as incompetent and doubtful and tags as one with misconduct is decided by the JC as competent, impartial and as someone having sheer pertinacity.

    Abhishek Jha


  • Is New York still a melting pot? Is New York still a melting pot?

    The reality was unlike my expectation. Having diversity does not necessarily mean there is unity and sharing. I had come to the US thinking that people here blend together as one and rejoice together. Rather, it was the opposite.

    Dipika Shrestha

  • A fragmented justice A fragmented justice

    As he approached nearer, I saw a man almost as white as a Romanian actor in his blue Wrangler jeans. He had a big bag pack, a water bottle on the small net pouch of his bag. He slightly bent forward while walking. His forehead wrinkled voluntarily; perhaps he was internalizing songs or hymns.

    Achyut Raj Bhattarai

Readers Column

  • For the visually impaired

    Coincidentally, I was surfing the internet one day when I recalled those yellow tiles. On Google I typed ‘Odd yellow tiles on the sidewalk’. Instantly trusty Google displayed answers on the screen. I felt a fat smile form on my face as I read. Immediately I was praising Nepalese policymakers.

  • A right time to look for alternative fuel

    Nepal’s march to cleaner energy is not only expected but essential as an alternative to petroleum products is strongly felt among public and political circle.