• Nepal's failed development Nepal's failed development

    Very little academic research is done in areas concerning the donors that isn’t funded by them.If findings are deemed controversial they’re not published. A donor might commission a study of transport cartels, but not publish it, perhaps because, if all that’s true, how is their hundred-odd million a year ever going to stimulate growth?

    Thomas Bell

  • Reflection on Dr. Govinda KC's photo exhibition

    He pointed to a picture in which a group of boys and girls were stretching to catch an inside view of a thatched hut. “The villagers knew that a doctor was sheltering in the hut, so they gathered in the yard early in the morning yard to get medical checkup,” he said.

    Naresh N. Sharma


  • Why learn writing? Why learn writing?

    In the pursuit of writing, I wrote many articles which editors didn’t want to sell. I still remember the days I spent inquiring about the requirements and procedure to send the articles to various newspapers and magazines.

    -Bibek Dhakal

  • On being 18 On being 18

    It’s all my misfortune that I’ve already grown. Grown to be 18. I successfully completed 6,570 days of my life.

    Sakshi Paudel

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