• Are Grandparents Burden to Modern Social Life? Are Grandparents Burden to Modern Social Life?

    With the passage of time, the tradition of joint family has given way to nuclear family. People in search of a better future with fewer responsibilities easily quit the age-old tradition of joint-family where everyone lived under one roof.

    Dr.Kedar Karki

  • Realigning Foreign Policy of Nepal Realigning Foreign Policy of Nepal

    It is surprising why Nepal has to see Iran through Western eyes and still does not have an embassy there in spite of it being a nation that had such a strong bond with Nepal. Is it because Nepal had some direct bearing on Islamic Revolution of 1979 or the Western countries did not have comfortable relation with that country, and Nepal followed suit? Not necessarily.

    Dr. Pushpa Adhikari


  • Gandhian Economics for 'New' Nepal Gandhian Economics for 'New' Nepal

    Development doesn’t mean big roads, cars, buildings or unlimited consumerism. Nepal, with its limited resources, difficult geography, and a relatively huge demography of diverse background, conventional economic growth based socioeconomic development model, won’t work here.

    Bhuvan KC

  • Nepali drivers' lethal love affair with speed and traffic lawlessness Nepali drivers' lethal love affair with speed and traffic lawlessness

    How many more accidents do we need to make reckless drivers on the road understand that there is a very thin line between bravery and stupidity, and there is a very short span of time between life and nothing?

    Abha Dhital

Readers Column

  • State of denial

    Nanda Parsad Adhikari's painful death has raised a fundamental question to our political / legal system. Is this what we wanted ? What does a " federal democratic republic" means for a common people ?

  • Nepali Doctors in Pakistan express solidarity with agitating Dr Govinda KC

    Nepalese students Organization (NSO-Pakistan) organized meeting all Nepalese Doctors who are doing PG in different University gathered together in Lahore, Pakistan,in Pakistan Nepali Dctors are doing training in different college and university.