• What are Nepal’s options? What are Nepal’s options?

    Nepal is faced with two choices – accept once and forever that we are powerless before the Indian Leviathan, or take an unprecedented decision to redefine our trade dependence.


  • New Delhi pundits will do well to read Nepal's constitution first! New Delhi pundits will do well to read Nepal's constitution first!

    Indian bureaucrats are manufacturing rumors and vilifying the constitution for certain reasons. But independent thinkers should read the constitution and think independently before engaging in harsh criticism of the constitution.

    Post Bahadur Basnet


  • A fishy oil business A fishy oil business

    The only purpose of refilling his scooter for Shubodh Thani was to save it from rusting. He had taken a half-day off from his office to queue up for petrol. It had already been more than five hours. Exhausted from pushing his scooter, Thani, a resident of Minbhawan, said that he would lock the two-wheeler after refilling.

    Krishna Dangi

  • Problem exists, Dialogue is the solution Problem exists, Dialogue is the solution

    If Madhesis are turning out on the streets in huge numbers even one month after the protests began, can't we at least accept that a problem exists?

    Rupesh Jha


Readers Column

  • I'm with Dr KC, are you?

    Since the past few years, KC has fought to bring reforms in Nepal's medical education sector. As a medical student myself, I understand and fully support the demands raised by him.

  • Corporación Dinant is not driven by corporate greed

    Dinant is not in conflict with the genuine peasant associations of Honduras: Our African Palm plantations support thousands of sustainable jobs with company pensions and compensation levels well above the national minimum wage; they have also significantly contributed to improving skills, education and health. We recognize the value and importance of engaging peacefully and transparently with those that hold different viewpoints and believe that we can find some common points of mutual interest.