• Nepali Cricket: Challenges and Potential Nepali Cricket: Challenges and Potential

    The CAN’s membership has been suspended; the court case regarding the dispute between the CAN and National Sports Council (NSC) is still on hold; there is no proper domestic cricketing structure; and, the infrastructures and stadiums are in desperate shape. The ICC is keeping its close eye on how things will unfold, and could permanently cancel CAN’s membership anytime. Despite all these unfavorable circumstances, there are still enormous potential and possibilities.

    Madhav Neupane

  • Recipe to reform education sector Recipe to reform education sector

    Academic expert with high ethical standards and courage, not the PM, should be the chancellor of universities in Nepal.

    Kosh P Neupane


  • Periods are pure Periods are pure

    Personally, I was on my first day of period this Laxmi Puja. Without a tint of fear or shame, I enjoyed Tihar, from making rangoli to playing deusi bhailo and putting Bhai Tika. And I am confident that I have not committed any “sin”.

    Prativa Subedi

  • Trump or Clinton? Trump or Clinton?

    Polls on the eve of the election show that the race is very tight but Clinton has slight edge over Trump. 270 electoral votes are needed to win the presidency out of 538 total votes. As polls open for a historic election, American could be very likely on the way to choose their very first woman president.

    Lekh Nath Adhikari

Readers Column

  • Let’s change the way we see rape

    Feminism can help punish a rapist, but can never control rape. Some say rapists are mentally disturbed people. If this is true, how do we explain gang rape? Can a whole gang be mentally disturbed at the same time? What makes understanding the motive behind rape more difficult is that some rape cases are a result of ‘punishment’ imposed upon the raped by community for ‘violating’ social norms, customs.

  • For the visually impaired

    Coincidentally, I was surfing the internet one day when I recalled those yellow tiles. On Google I typed ‘Odd yellow tiles on the sidewalk’. Instantly trusty Google displayed answers on the screen. I felt a fat smile form on my face as I read. Immediately I was praising Nepalese policymakers.