Banknotes to have images of new animals

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Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is changing the images of animals printed in the Nepali notes. It has already circulated new notes of denominations Rs 50 and Rs 100 bearing the signature of NRB Governor Dr Chiranjivi Nepal in the market.

Similarly, the bank also has plans to change the images in Rs. 5, Rs 20 and Rs 1000 notes.

Deputy Governor Chintamani Shivakoti informed that the process of changing the images was taken as per the suggestions by a committee formed under former Deputy Governor Gopal Prasad Kafle during former Governor Yubaraj Khatiwada's term as disputes surfaced on whether animals printed in Nepali notes are found in Nepal or not.

A committee chaired by Governor himself was formed to design the new banknotes. A sub-committee chaired by Kafle was also formed under the design committee.

These committees carried out study on the authenticity of animals and also prepared suggestions on which animals should be printed on different currencies.

According to Shivakoti, a new note of Rs. 500 will have an image of a tigerThe previous (old designed) note has images of 2 tigers.

Similarly, image of 2 rhinos will be there in new note of 100.

The new note of Rs. 50 will have an image of snow leopard, replacing the picture of sheep. So far, a new note of Rs 20 will have picture of swamp deer with 12 horns.

According to Shivakoti, the images in Rs 10 will not be changed as it has picture of black buck, which is found in Nepal.

Similarly, the note of Rs. 5 will have an image of one yak instead of two.

Shivakoti informed that the sub-committee has to submit the new notes to Design Committee. The NRB will make final endorsement.


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