How much are you charged when using ATM of other banks?

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The development of banking system has changed lives of many as one does not need to carry cash wherever s/he goes and even reduced risks of loss and theft.

Every banking institution provides different ways to its customers for withdrawing cash that they have deposited. Economic activities have become easier due to the Automated Teller Machine cards (ATM) that are provided by banks at various locations.

Banking institutions in Nepal are currently providing VISA, SCT and National Payment Network cards to account holders so that they can withdraw cash as per their requirement.

Sometimes customers are bound to use ATMs that are not operated by the respective bank at the time when ATMs are under maintenance and even when ATMs are not available at feasible location.  This will charge additional ATM fees.

How Bank ATM charges?

Normally every bank has some banks in its partnership and networking. A bank charges less ATM fees when cash is withdrawn from ATMs of banks that are in its network.  In other cases, when ATMs of other banks are used, it will charge Rs 250 per transaction.  

Commercial banks under SCT networking

Civil Bank

Everest Bank

Global IME Bank

Himalayan Bank

Laxmi Bank

Megha Bank

Nabil Bank

Nepal Bangladesh Bank

Nepal Bank Limited

NMB Bank

Prabhu Bank

T Bank

Commercial banks associated with VISA system under APN networking

Rastriya Banijya Bank

Kumari Bank

Global IME Bank

Sanima Bank

Century Commercial Bank

Megha Bank Nepal

NCC Bank

Nepal Investment Bank

Following are the details of ATM charges prepared on the basis of information provided by different banks:

Nepal Bank:

Nepal Bank issues SCT cards for its account holders and deducts Rs 25 per transaction within SCT networking banks across the country.

Rastriya Banijya Bank:

It issues VISA card to its customers. It deducts Rs 20 per transaction within the VISA associated banks and Rs 50 from banks associated with other networking.

Agricultural Development Bank:

Using the ATM of Agricultural Development Bank will cost Rs 20 per transaction while using banks which are APN members. It will not charge if transaction is done from other banks.

Citizen Bank International:

It issues VISA cards to its customers. It charges Rs 30 as ATM fees per transaction while using any bank across the country.

Civil Bank:

It issues master cards and charges Rs 15 if transaction is made from ATM of Himalayan Bank, Rs 30 from banks under SCT networking and Rs 25 from banks which are VISA members and are associated with APN.  

Standard Charter Bank:

It costs Rs 250 ATM fees if transaction is made using its VISA card from any banks. 

Nepal SBI Bank:

It charges Rs 250 per transaction while withdrawing cash from any banks.

 Global IME Bank:

It charges Rs 50 per transaction made using VISA card from banks associated with APN networking. It costs Rs 30 if the transaction is made from the banks under SCT networking.

Himalayan Bank:

It deducts Rs 25 to Rs 30 if a transaction is made from the banks under the SCT networking. Similarly, it charges Rs 50 to Rs 55 per transaction while withdrawing cash from banks under VISA networking.


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