Thai business community urged to invest in Nepal

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Nepal's ambassador to Thailand Dr Khaga Nath Adhikari on Saturday said Nepal has abundant opportunities available for investors.

Addressing an investment promotion program organized by the Embassy of Nepal in Bangkok, he also said Nepal has made effective arrangements for security for foreign investment.

He called upon the business community in Thailand to help Nepal in its economic development through investment.

Likewise on the occasion, Chairman of Thai-Nepal Chamber of Commerce Krishna Shivakriskul shed light on the investment opportunities in Nepal. He remarked that Nepal is rich in its untapped natural resources, and called upon all the businessmen to invest in Nepal and benefit from it.

Similarly, President of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Thailand Khagendra Raj Dhakal appraised the event of the investment made in Nepal by NRNA so far.

He also made assurance about increasing NRNA's investment in the future and urged the businessmen present in the programme to think about investing in Nepal.

Also on the occasion, member of National Planning Commission of Nepal Dr Swarnim Wagle spoke about the evolution of democratic regime in Nepal and its economic situation.

He urged participants to invest in Nepal and realise the potentials for the promotion of economic and commercial relations between Nepal and Thailand.

Chief Executive Officer of Investment Board of Nepal Mr. Maha Prasad Adhikari presented a detailed power point paper on investment opportunities in Nepal.

The paper covers various aspect opportunities including Institutional Arrangement for FDI, Policy Reforms on FDI, Investment Process, Sector Overviews & Investment Opportunities, Projects & Project Ideas, Approved Project to take to the Market, Project Identified for Detail Studies, Project Idea Notes.

The event was also attended by a large number of businesspersons, media-persons and representatives of the Board of Investment of Thailand, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Thai Industries and Thai Nepali Association. RSS


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