• Speaker directs PM to clarify his views on Tanakpur

    Speaker directs PM to clarify his views on Tanakpur Setopati, Kathmandu,Mar 3 - Speaker Subash Chandra Nembang has directed Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to immediately come to the parliament and clarify his recent controversial statement on Tanakpur.

  • Oli leaves for Delhi for medical treatment

    UML parliamentary party leader KP Oli left for Delhi on Sunday for medical treatment.

  • UML leaders divided over general convention date

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, MARCH 1 - UML leaders have been over the issue of postponing the party general convention slated for May 17 this year. The division has surfaced in the ongoing central committee meeting.

  • UCPN (Maoist) stakes claim to chiefs of two CA committees

    UCPN (Maoist) stakes claim to chiefs of two CA committees SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, MARCH 2 - The UCPN (Maoist) has staked claimed to the post of chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee and the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Dispute Resolution Committee to be formed under the Constituent Assembly. The third largest party in the CA has staked claimed to the posts at at time when the CA Regulations Drafting Committee is yet to draft the CA regulations.

  • PM Koirala leaves for Myanmar

    PM Koirala leaves for Myanmar KATHMANDU, MARCH 1 - Prime Minister Sushil Koirala left for Myanmar on Sunday on a five-day visit to attend the Third BIMSTEC Summit to be held in Naypyidaw beginning Tuesday.

  • 4 dead, 20 missing as boat capsizes in Mohona river

    YOGESH RAWAL, KAILALI, MARCH 1 - At least four people died and around a dozen have gone missing when the boat in which they were crossing the Mohona river capsized near Lalbojhi VDC, Kailali district on Saturday.

  • PM leaving for Myanmar Sunday to attend BIMSTEC summit

    PM leaving for Myanmar Sunday to attend BIMSTEC summit Kathmandu, March 1: - Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is leaving for Myanmar on Sunday leading a Nepali delegation to the Third BIMSTEC Summit being held in Nay Pyi Taw, on March 4.

  • UML leader Oli discharged

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, MARCH 1 - CPN-UML Parliamentary Party leader KP Sharma Oli has been discharged from hospital on Saturday. Oli was admitted to Grande International Hospital in Dhapasi last Saturday following increase in uric acid level in his blood and arthritis.

  • Court orders reinstatement of five Nagarik journalists

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, FEB 28 - Nepal Republic Media had sacked journalists Manoj Dahal, Madhav Dhungel, Navin Aryal, Govinda Pariyar, Shyam Bhatta and Chanki Shrestha a little over a year ago. The journalists, except Shrestha, had then filed a case against the media house at the Labor Court in April last year.

  • Vairagis Photo Feature

    Vairagis Photo Feature ARPAN SHRESTHA - Ascetics from different sects throng Pashupatinath during Maha Shivaratri. It should be noted, however, that the number of ascetics visiting the temple is dwindled each year, thanks to government negligence and hostile young Nepalis.

  • Who will take action against Madhav Nepal, says Bamdev Gautam

    Who will take action against Madhav Nepal, says Bamdev Gautam SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, FEB 27 - Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam has taken a jibe at CPN-UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal over his refusal to attend the party's standing committee meeting and accept the party's decisions. Speaking at a function organized by Reporters Club Nepal on Thursday, Gautam said, "I've faced action for speaking against party decisions many times in the past. But who will take action against someone who has led the party for 16 years and parliamentary party for 17 years, and also been a prime minister? There is no plan to take action against him; it will not happen."

  • Mahashivaratri festival today

    Mahashivaratri festival today Kathmandu, Feb 27: - Hindu devotees all over the country today are celebrating the great festival of Mahashivaratri by worshipping Lord Shiva at various rivers, ponds and temples since early morning.

  • Gharti, Thapa contesting for the post of CA Vice-chair

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, FEB 26 - Lawmakers from UCPN (Maoist) and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWAPP) are contesting the election for the post of Vice-chair of the Constituent Assembly (CA). Maoist lawmaker Onsari Gharti is sure to get elected to the post as Congress, CPN-UML, Forum-Loktantrik and RPP-N have decided to back the Maoist.

  • Spider-Man to support bio-gas project in Nepal

    Spider-Man to support bio-gas project in Nepal SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, Feb 26 — - Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming movie Amazing Spider-Man and his co-actress Emma Stone, are supporting a project that aims to provide clean bio-gas energy for local communities in Nepal.

  • 5-pt directive of DPM Gautam

    5-pt directive of DPM Gautam Kathmandu, Feb. 25: - Newly-appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bam Dev Gautam has given a five-point directive to the officials of the Home Ministry to ensure peace, security and harmony in the country.

  • PM Koirala directs Ministers to create favourable atmosphere to write constitution within a year

    PM Koirala directs Ministers to create favourable atmosphere to write constitution within a year Kathmandu, Feb. 25: - At the first meeting of the Council of Ministers held after the expansion of the government on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala directed the ministers to commit to creating a favourable atmosphere to write the new constitution within a year, institutionalizing the federal democratic republic and navigating the political transition.


    NIGHT OF SHIVA Setopati, Pashupati,Kathmandu, Feb 25 - Ascetics and pilgrims flock to Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu for Maha Shivaratri festival this Thursday. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from around the world visit the holy temple every year to observe Maha Shivaratri or the night of the worship of Shiva thatoccurs on the 14th night of the new moon during the dark half of the month of Falgun. Shiva devotees keep vigil during the night of Shivaratri and offer special prayer to Shivlingam or the phallic idol at midnight. Photos: Prakash Lama

  • Gangster Manange arrested

    Gangster Manange arrested SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, FEB 25 - Police have arrested gangster Dipak Manange from Dasharath Stadium on Tuesday. He was arrested when he was watching a football match between Manag Marshyandi club and Police club at the stadium. He is currently being detained at Kathmandu District Police office.

  • Namelist of new ministers

    Namelist of new ministers Setopati, Kathmandu, Feb 25 - Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is administering the oath of office and secrecy to his cabinet members at Shital Niwas at 5 p.m.

  • Congress finalizes list of ministers from the party

    After days-long hectic meetings, Nepali Congress has finally prepared the list of ministers from the party. Six ministers are from the party establishment and four from the faction led by Sher Bahdur Deuba.


  • The Doklam dilemma The Doklam dilemma

    Being a buffer state between the two giant neighbors, Nepal should conduct its foreign policy vis-à-vis China and India in a very sensitive manner. Nepal has always maintained that it would not allow its soil to be used against any neighbor. At the same time, Nepal should make sure that its own national interests are never compromised.

    Gaurab Shumsher Thapa

  • Effect of monetary policy on risk, stability and financial crises Effect of monetary policy on risk, stability and financial crises

    The crisis of 2008–09 has reignited a new interest in understanding money and credit fluctuations in the macro economy, and the crucial roles they could play in the amplification, propagation, and generation of shocks both in normal times and, even more so, in times of financial distress. This may reopen a number of fundamental fault lines in modern macroeconomic thinking between theories that treat the financial system as irrelevant, or, at least, not central to the understanding of economic outcomes, and those that reserve a central role for financial intermediation.

    Anup Paudel


  • Repercussions of extreme materialism through the lens of American history Repercussions of extreme materialism through the lens of American history

    The invaders started embracing community values that helped them evolve from plunderers to freedom fighters. The alliance of the tribes “Iroquois Federate” became the basis for the government system of US that helped resist tyrannical British power for independence.

    Sanjaya Gajurel

  • My Journey to Maiti Nepal My Journey to Maiti Nepal

    I was scared before I started volunteering, not so much because of the work I would be doing, but of the fact that I would be living alone in a new city where I wouldn’t know anyone except a handful of relatives, with everyone who I was close to on the other side of the world.

    Swarnima Gurung

Readers Column

  • Traffic Police in Kathmandu

    As busy and hassling as the traffic system in Kathmandu is, the Traffic Police here have to handle an equally strenuous job. Over 1,400 traffic officers in and around the Kathmandu Valley battle against the pestering traffic and air pollution each day.

  • Menstrual taboo outdated

    I have seen my sisters and friends isolated and treated in discriminatory manner during their first menstruation cycle. They were not allowed to look at the sun, to touch water source, flower, fruits, any male family member, nor even hear their voice. The activist may claim the situation has changed and I do agree but still during every month my loved ones turns into untouchables beings.