Petroleum products worth Rs 42.25b imported

Petroleum products worth over Rs 42.25 billion has been imported via Birgunj checkpoint in seven months of current fiscal year 2017/18.

A total of 678,411 kiloliters of petroleum products and 122,939 metric tons of cooking gas were imported via Birgunj checkpoint from July 16, 2017-February 12, 2018.

According to Chief of Birgunj Customs Office Sewantak Pokharel, said that import of petroleum products was up by 123,155 kiloliters and cooking gas by 22,693 metric tons in this period as compared to corresponding period of previous fiscal year 2016/17.

A total of 555,256 kiloliters of fuel worth Rs 33.10 billion and 100,246 metric tons of cooking gas was imported till first seven month of previous fiscal year.

The Birgunj Customs Office has collected Rs 9.59 billion revenue from cooking gas imported from different places of India in the seven month of the current fiscal.



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