New govt will take another decision on provincial chiefs, capitals: Oli

Former prime minster (PM) and CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli has said that the next government will take another decision on provincial chiefs and temporary capitals announced by the government on Wednesday.

“The government has done its work, albeit late. We do not know many things about provincial chiefs now. The new government will take necessary decision considering the situation,” the PM in waiting said addressing the media at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) after returning home from health checkup in Bangkok, Thailand on Thursday.

“There is no reason to get stuck with the issue of provincial capitals now. There should not be protests now about the issue that can be decided later by the provincial assembly,” Oli stated and added that the government has paved the way forward for formation of provincial governments, albeit late. “The next government will take appropriate decision considering favorability, necessity and potential.

He clarified that he had gone to Bangkok, Thailand for regular health checkup and not for treatment after falling ill, and added that there is no problem in his health after all the tests.

Oli had left for Bangkok on January 10.



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