Madhes-based parties are scared of constitution amendment: Oli

File- CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli speaking at a press conference organized on Thursday, Jan 25, 2018. Setopati/Narayan Maharjan

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli has accused Madhes-based parties of being scared of constitution amendment.
Speaking in Pokhara on Friday, Oli has confirmed that the party talked about constitution amendment while discussing possible alliance with the Madhes-based parties for the upcoming National Assembly elections.

“We talked with leaders of Madhes this time. I told them the constitution can be amended and invited them for discussion on that,” Oli stated. “I said ‘Let’s amend the constitution if it is in the interest of country and people. We are ready.’ But they were scared that the constitution may well be amended and did not speak about the matter again,” Oli claimed.

Oli urged the Madhes-based parties to come together with the left alliance. “The constitution can be easily amended when they come together with us. We can easily muster two-third majority together,” he pointed.

“But they have treaded the path that should not be taken. They are not trying to amend the constitution. They just want to make noise,” he accused and opined that constitution amendment is not a issue to make noise about.

“Let’s talk if the people of Madhes do not have rights and have been discriminated against. That will immediately be corrected. Are you ready to talk?” he asked the leaders of Madhes.

He claimed that the agenda of Madhes-based parties has finished after the election and urged them to seek solution and not just carry the agenda.



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