‘Give status of national luminary to Durgananda Jha’

Demand has been made for announcing Durgananda Jha who was put to death by the state in 1964 for throwing a bomb on the then king Mahendra Shah the national luminary. Durgananda is considered the first republic martyr of Nepal.

Speaking at a program organized here Monday on the eve of the Martyrs’ Day, the participants sought proper respect to Durgananda as other four great martyrs of the country. Yesterday also marked the 55th sacrifice day of Durgananda and the program was organized by the Durgananda Jha Monument Construction Committee.

Democratic fighter Durgananda who had thrown a bomb on a motor carrying the then king Mahendra Shah on January 22, 1962 in protest against the imposition of his direct rule (Panchayat system) was later arrested and executed on January 29, 1964. He, born in the Jatahi Village of Dhanusha on April 26, 1942, was just 21-year-old at the time when he was shot-to-death.

On the occasion, senior advocate Yugal Kishore Lal Jha said Durgananda’s sacrifice was against slavery of the people.

Prof Harikrishna Saha demanded proper recognition and honor by the state to Durgananda.



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