General Administration Ministry continues to send employees to provinces

The Ministry of General Administration continues to depute employees required for operating the provincial assembly and provincial government.

The Ministry has, so far, send some 500 employees to provinces, according to Ministry’s Spokesperson Sibaram Neupane. All seven provinces have scheduled their first meeting very soon, prompting the Ministry to depute employees there.

Among the employees assigned to the provinces, around 100 are from the technical section. Their assignment is for interim provision until the adjustment of employees there.

The Ministry is sending employees to provinces every day on the basis of necessary. The Ministry is to depute 29 employees each to the office of Chief Minister and 25 to a ministry (in every province). A total of 1,778 employees are necessary to operate the province government in all seven provinces. Still, 1,200 employees are to be sent to provinces.

Employees have been sent to the Office of Provincial Chief under the leadership of a secretary and to the Office of Chief Minister under the leadership of a joint-secretary.



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