Govt preparing to recommend three National Assembly members

The government is preparing to recommend three members to complete the National Assembly.

“This government will recommend three National Assembly members. We have yet to decide who and when to recommend though,” Law Minister Yagya Bahadur Thapa told Setopati.

Many argue the caretaker government, that will leave the office in a few days, cannot recommend National Assembly members. But Thapa claimed that the government will work not on the basis of arguments but in accordance to the constitution. “They were also saying that this government cannot select provincial chiefs and temporary capitals. But we did that in accordance to the constitution,” he pointed.

“There is constitutional provision for the government to recommend National Assembly members. We will do accordingly,” he stressed. He expressed confidence that the President will endorse the recommendations made by the government.

The President nominates three members on recommendation of the government to complete the 59-strong National Assembly. A total of 56 National Assembly members have already been elected from the seven provinces at the rate of eight members each.

CPN-UML, the largest party in the parliament, has said it will oppose recommendation of National Assembly members by this government. UML Secretary Pradeep Gyawali stated that recommendation for National Assembly members by this government will be the height of shamelessness.

“The caretaker government is working like a government with the people’s mandate. Recommending three National Assembly members will be the height of shamelessness,” he said. “We will oppose that.”



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