Six ministries set up in Province 6

Six ministries have been set up in Province 6. The established ministries include Ministries of Internal Affairs and Law; Economic Affairs and Planning; Physical Infrastructure Development; Social Development; Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment; Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Office of chief minister of the province and council of provincial ministries are into operation since two weeks, said concerned authorities.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law taken as a powerful ministry will run from the Urban Development and Building Division Office. Its Secretary Keshab Raj Acharya assumed office. The ministry will look after affairs of provincial police, investigation bureau, disaster management, law and bureaucracy of province and state assembly.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning has been set up at the Regional Education Directorate. Ministry’s Secretary Dhundi Niraula has already begun his works.

Likewise, the Ministry of Social Development has been established at the District Public Health Office. Affairs concerning education, health, sanitation, women, youth and sports, social security, language, culture, labour and transport shall be dealt with by this ministry. Officiating secretary Bhakta Bahadur Dhakal has already assumed his office.

Among the seven ministries, Ministry of Infrastructure Development is yet to be established.



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