Education Ministry seeking alternative body to continue work

The Education Ministry is to make a decision to continue the services provided by the erstwhile District Education Office as the offices have stopped functioning in the new structure.

The Ministry has forwarded options including running the work through District Coordination Committee, establishment of new Divisional Office and establishment of office in province and local-level.

Sharing the information at a program organized by Education Journalists’ Group Nepal here Sunday, Spokesperson at the Ministry, Dr Hari Lamsal, said that the homework carried out by the Ministry has reached its final phase.

The District Education Office would not exist from April 11 after local level started carrying out different 23-type of works that were carried out by the District Education office.

Similarly, Chairperson of National Examination Board Dr Chandramani PoudelĀ  urged to find out alternatives of District Education office, also demanding to make the Board an autonomous body.



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