Quasi-judicial body at local level remains dysfunctional

The Nepal Constitution has enshrined a provision of a semi Judicial Committee under the leadership of Deputy Mayor or Vice-Chairperson of the local level for judicial dispensation.

However, the judicial committees formed at the local level have not yet been effectively functional following almost a year has elapsed since the local governments in place.

The flow of registration of complaints is quite low in almost all local levels. Most of the service recipients are still unaware of the existence of judicial committee and its functions. Even some of the elected people’s representatives are not much aware of their roles in rendering judicial services.

As of now only one complaint has been registered at the judicial committee of Sanfebagar municipality in Achham, shared Deputy Mayor and judicial committee coordinator Birmala Budthapa.

Likewise, Mellekh rural municipality has witnessed the registration of only two complaints related to land disputes in its judicial committee, informed Chairperson Lok Bahadur Bohora.

The judicial committee are almost dysfunctional in other municipalities and rural municipalities of Achham.



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