SC refuses to register contempt of court case against CJ Parajuli

The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday has refused to register the contempt of court case filed against Chief Justice (CJ) Gopal Parajuli on the day CJ Parajuli himself will hear one against Kantipur for publishing a news report about his four dates of birth.

The SC administration has sent back the case submitted by Manoj Kumar Adhikari two weeks ago claiming that threats issued by CJ Parajuli to kill the main lawyer of Dr Govinda KC has defamed the court.

Adhikari had submitted the case to the SC on February 7 but the Apex Court did not register or send it back.

“The application demanding action on contmept of court brought on the basis of news reports published in the newspapers instead of official evidence to establish which act of honorable CJ defamed the court cannot be registered,” the order by Deputy Registrar of SC Narayan Panthi on Thursday to send back the application states.

Adhikari had submitted the contempt of court case against CJ Parajuli arguing that it was wrong for the CJ to meet Dr KC’s lawyer and put pressure on him to settle the contempt of court case against Dr KC. This is the first time a contempt of court case has been brought against a CJ.

The SC had initiated the contempt of court case against Dr KC on its own after he demanded resignation of CJ Parajuli claiming he is corrupt and is part of Mafia.

Dr KC’s main lawyer Surendra Bhandari had complained to the Kathmandu District Administration demanding security claiming that CJ Parajuli threatened to kill him for refusing to settle the contempt of case.

CJ Parajuli had offered to take back the contempt of court case against Dr KC, according to Bhandari, if Dr KC apologized during the hearing or stated that he spoke in anger.



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