Orientation to Provincial Assembly members of province 7

An orientation on provincial assembly operation was imparted to Province 7 Assembly members.

The Federal Parliament Secretariat organised the orientation event with assistance from the Parliament Support Project and United Nations Development Program.

Orientation was imparted on various issues regarding basic information about Provincial Assembly Secretariat, parliamentary practice and monitoring, inter-relation among bodies of state regarding law formulation and sustainable development goals.

Under-Secretary at the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Ekraj Giri, told RSS that the program was organised to facilitate the process for Provincial Assembly members when provincial assembly has been formed as per the new federal structure.

Senior lawyer Khimlal Devkota, Under-Secretary Giri, former lawmaker and lawyer Rewati Raman Bhandari and Yamnath Sharma of UNDP are imparting orientation to the Provincial Assembly members. Members of Council of Ministers and Provincial Assembly members of the province are participating in the orientation.



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