Deuba spoils Shashank Koirala’s lunch party

Announces candidacy for parliamentary party leader

Photo: UP Lamichhane/Facebook

Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba plays spoilsport announcing candidacy for parliamentary party leader of the party during the lunch meeting hosted on Wednesday by NC General Secretary Shashank Koirala to lobby for the position.

“I am the parliamentary party leader,” central committee member Kalyan Gurung quoted Deuba as saying during the lunch meeting.

Koriala had invited newly elected House of Representatives (HoR) and National Assembly members from the party to his residence in Tokha for lunch.

The lunch meeting organized as the date for election of parliamentary party leader nears was taken meaningfully. NC will elect the parliamentary party leader on March 5 and Koirala has stated his wish to be elected on consensus.

Deuba and Prakash Man Singh from Ram Chandra Paudel faction are in the race for the post.

Koirala had hopes he may be elected unanimously if Deuba agrees to give up his candidacy. Many in the party opine that Deuba should not be made parliamentary party leader.

But Deuba, who has majority after picking leaders loyal to him for HoR through the proportional representation (PR) system, has refused to give up the post.



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