Mask-free Kathmandu within a year: Minister Pandit

Setopati files

Minister for Population and Environment, Lalbabu Pandit, has said he was working actively to make the capital dust-free within a year, so that none could be bothered of using mask.

Speaking at a program organized by Association of Community Radio Broadcasters Nepal here Wednesday, Minister Pandit said the Kathmandu Valley could be made a mask-free zone if he got support of all. He argued that he was committed to the works in favor of the nation and the people.

He also urged the media persons to disseminate the news, paying special attention to the truth and fact, saying he would not spare those involved in crime.

On the occasion, Minister Pandit also released a book about Community Mediation published by the Association. The book, priced Rs 500, has incorporated 29 articles.



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