Joint bench of Shahi and Shrestha to hear contempt of court case against Kantipur

The joint bench of justices Dambar Bahadur Shahi and Bam Kumar Shrestha is set to hear the contempt of court case against Kantipur on Sunday.

The Supreme Court (SC) will record the statement after lunch.

Publishers and journalists of Kantipur had gone to the SC on Friday to record statement in the case. But the SC administration returned them back telling them to come on Sunday when the deadline expires.

A single bench of Chief Justice (CJ) Gopal Parajuli, hearing a contempt of court case filed against Kantipur for publishing a news report titled ‘Four dates of birth of CJ Gopal Parajuli in government documents’, on February 25 had summoned the quartet to the court within 72 hours. The bench had also issued an interim order in the name of Nepal Press Council (NPC) to investigate whether Kantipur has complied with the code of conduct for the media.






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