CM Rai seeks cooperation, suggestions from business community

Chief Minister of Province No 1 Sherdhan Rai has said that cooperation and suggestions from industrialists and business persons were expected to make the province outstanding, prosperous and exemplary.

Speaking at a program organized Sunday evening by Morang Industry Association, Rai said time has come to the business community of the province-1 to deliver modest performance.

Saying that development and prosperity was major goal, Rai added that the development works would get momentum soon with a sense to impress people.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister urged the entrepreneurs to invest with confidence as there were immense potentials in province -1.

Likewise, he sought suggestions from experts to chart a concrete plan of action for the development of agriculture, energy, tourism, education and other development sectors.

Rai also shared that the province government would give priority to the needed and major projects.

All the ministers and secretaries of all ministries of the province-1 attended the program where working papers on seven major themes including agriculture, education, industry, energy and others were presented.



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