Arzu Deuba sees need of NC victory to safeguard democracy

Nepali Congress leader Arzu Rana Deuba has said the current need of the hour is to safeguard democracy as the domestic politics was heading toward polarisation.

Speaking at a press meet organized by the Nepal Press Union, Kailali in Dhangadhi Wednesday, Deuba urged voters to vote for Nepali Congress candidates in the  House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections for the sustainability of democracy.

She is contesting in the House of Representatives from the Kailali electoral constituency -5 from NC.

Arzu was of the view that the country would not see another election for the next 20 years if political ideology and faith was given less priority than candidates and parties. She urged voters to go through the historical background of candidates before casting the ballot.

It was the NC led governments in the past which had decided to abolish the practice of keeping Kamlaris (girl bonded labor), form the Dalits Commission and Women Commission with making other significant decisions in favor of women, she added.

She took the time to pledge that her priority would be accelerating infrastructure development in the constituency if she became victorious in the election taking place on November 26.



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