Don’t immediately revoke affiliation to Kathmandu National Medical College: SC tells TU

The Supreme Court has ordered the Tribhuvan University (TU)  to not immediately revoke the affiliation given to Kathmandu National Medical College.

A single bench of Justice Dambar Bahadur Shahi hearing the writ filed by the promoter of the medical college Jainuddin Ansari on October 17 has issued an interim order to that regard.

The executive council of TU on September 6 had revoked the affiliation given to Kathmandu National Medical College after a three-member monitoring team formed by the council found that the medical college did not meet any standard.

The TU revoked the affiliation after the monitoring team submitted its report to the council stating that the medical college did not meet any standard and the hospital was operated illegally.

The TU executive council on July 27 had provided affiliation to the medical college. The act of providing affiliation to a desolate hospital, that had not met any standard and did not even have permission from the Health Ministry, had invited widespread criticism. The executive council had put affiliation on hold on September 2 following the widespread criticism and had formed a three-member monitoring team.

The monitoring team earlier on September 6 had gone to Ghattekulo for monitoring and inspection of teaching hospital of the medical college where it did not find any doctor, administration staffers and patients.

The team led by Sanat Devkota following investigations and field inspection had concluded that National does not qualify to become a medical college.

The team members did not even find any administration staffer in the desolate building to hand over the letter to and had left the premises handing over the letter to security guards.

The team had visited every department and ward of the hospital during the two-hour inspection. All the hospital beds were vacant and there were not even doctors or administrative staffers. The team also checked the record file of patients and found that no patient had been admitted there since April 2015. The hospital pharmacy also did not have any medicine.



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