15-day ultimatum to former prez Yadav to vacate house

Setopati files

Owner of the house, that former president Ram Baran Yadav is renting, has issued a public notice giving Yadav a 15-day ultimatum to leave the property.

Landlord Ravi Bhakta Bista has published a notice in Nagarik daily on Monday requesting asking Yadav to vacate his house at Bagdole of Lalitpur Metropolis 2 claiming that the President’s office and former president Yadav have not renewed lease agreement from the start of the fiscal year 2074/75 (mid-July) despite repeated reminders.

Bista, in his notice, has also warned of legal proceedings if rent and electricity tariff were not cleared and the property vacated within 15 days.

Former president Yadav has been living in that house since October 29, 2015. Such notices, that humiliate former president Yadav, have been published repeatedly in the media.



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