RPP includes democracy with monarchy in its manifesto

Setopati files

Rastriya Pratantra Party (RPP) has included democracy with monarchy in its manifesto for the upcoming parliamentary election.

The party of ex-royalists, organizing a press conference on Tuesday for collection of people’s voices for the upcoming federal and provincial elections, has unveiled the manifesto that includes constitutional monarchy calling it a change with continuity.

The party has made Hindu state, constitutional monarchy and unitary state as its main ideologies right from its inception. “Nationalism, Sanatan Dharma (eternal order or orthodox Hinduism), democracy with monarchy, improved and autonomous local governance system, non-aligned foreign policy, and social justice and inclusive principles as the ideological pillars of the party,” the manifesto reads.

RPP has prioritized the agenda of reinstatement of Hindu state embracing Sanatan Dharma. “We will reinstate Hindu state embracing Sanatan Dharma, as a form of Nepali identity, ensuring equality among all religions and complete religious freedom,” the manifesto adds.



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