Left alliance calls NC surrendarist

Senior leaders of left alliance including Pushpa Kamal Dahal and KP Sharma Oli attending the program organised to unveil the manifesto for the upcoming polls in the capital on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Narayan Maharjan/Setopati

CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) have called Nepali Congress (NC) right wing and status quoits obstructing the way to progression.

Unveiling the joint manifesto for the left alliance in Kathmandu on Tuesday the parties claimed that NC believes that advice, consultation and order of foreign power centers have to be obeyed compromising national sovereignty, unity, social harmony, national interest and dignity. It accused that NC always promotes radicalism and indulges in undemocratic acts while in power even as it calls everyone else radical and undemocratic.

“It has been making a mockery of rule of law, promoting secessionism and communalism, spreading animosity on the basis of ideology, acutely abusing national assets for personal interest, and supporting corruption and malpractices,” the joint manifesto claims.

“NC is representing the practice of working against nationalism, dignity and national interest, rocking the balance of relationship with neighboring countries in the name of ‘special relationship’,” it adds. The parties have claimed that the main ideology of NC is feudal autocracy, foreign monopoly, conciliatory to capitalism and surrendarism. “The party’s main policies now are focused on safeguarding the interest of brokers and foreign monopolized capitalism,” the manifesto states. Its main character is anti-communist, anti-proletariat, and it defines democracy as its vested interest suits, the manifesto adds.

Pointing how NC has failed to provide stable government and promoted regression even when it had majority, the manifesto claims that the party has destroyed national industries and public enterprises in the name of privatization. It has also accused NC of weakening the national economy in the name of neo-liberalism, protected and institutionalized corruption, and abused the administration, judiciary, security agencies and public enterprises as party tools.

NC has been working against national consensus and unity, the manifesto claims, and lacks willpower, vision and plan for nation building.



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