Election a base for democracy: PM Deuba

Setopati files

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba Wednesday stressed on the need for attention and cooperation from every quarter to create an atmosphere conducive for holding the upcoming elections in a free and fearless manner.

The government is committed to managing security and necessary equipment for the polls, he said, while addressing a seminar on security for Province 2 in the polls organized in Janakpurdham by the Home Ministry.

“Election is the base for democracy,” he said stressing on strengthened security mechanism to ensure the free elections.

Similarly, election commissioner Sudhir Kumar Sah stated that an integrated security plan has been devised to hold the polls in a fearless environment while referring to untoward incidents occurred in the past elections as he said because of an ‘unhealthy competition’ among political parties.

Home secretary Mohan Krishna Sapkota and joint secretary Narayan Prasad Sharma viewed the elections as a milestone in implementing the federalism.



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