‘Engage women in vote counting’

Chief Election Officer of Chitwan Kul Prasad Sharma has urged the authorities to recruit women for vote counting in the upcoming elections considering the traits in women- modesty and peaceful nature.

Speaking at a program organized by the UNDP and Social Cohesion and Democratic Participation Programme at Bharatpur on Tuesday, Chief Returning Officer Sharma put his argument.

Sharma’s statement had a bearing with the incident where the male cadres of political parties vying the local level election at Bharatpur Municipality-19 in Chitwan district had torn the ballot paper expressing discontent over the vote counting. As a result, the election had to be held yet again.

He argued that women folks do have a knack for taking adversity and unfavorable consequences into their stride and would respond to the whatsoever situations gracefully. According to him, women should be recruited for vote counting which, he argued, would add to the credibility of the election.

The election to the House of Representatives and State Assembly is taking place in 32 districts on November 26 and in the remaining 45 districts on December 7 this year.

The participants at the programme bemoaned that the political parties did not field women candidates in the First Past the Post for the upcoming twin elections.

They also stressed on formulating fool-proof security strategy in view of the elections from the election campaign to the vote counting.
Superintendent of Police (SP) at the District Police Office, Chitwan Deepak Thapa urged all the voters to cast their ballot without any fear, stating that tight security would be put in place during the election.



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