CEC Yadav expects neutrality, impartiality from election observers

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Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Ayodhi Prasad Yadav has suggested election observers maintain neutrality and impartiality in course of work so that their presence would make the duties of polling officers easier.

Inaugurating an orientation program organized at the Election Commission (EC) targeting chiefs and representatives of national organizations permitted for observing the elections of the House of Representatives and State Assemblies here Friday, he urged them to carry out their work in a free, fair and impartial way and with a very positive feeling. “I request election observers to strictly adhere to the election code of conduct so that none can get a chance to complain regarding their presence in the assigned field,” he said.

People’s aspirations for peace, democracy and prosperity would come true provided that elections become successful and the EC had expected that election observers’ role would be significant in holding the elections in free and fair atmosphere.

The EC has given permission to over 4,400 people from 52 organizations at home to observe the upcoming twin elections scheduled to be held on November 26 and December 7 in two phases. Four international organizations have been also allowed to observe the elections. And in Friday’s orientation, chiefs and representatives from 27 organizations were present.



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