Transport entrepreneurs for ban on import of vehicles for public transportation for 5 yrs

Road traffic congestion caused due to 34th chariot procession of Shree Jagannath at Bhadrakali of the capital. Photo Source: Anish Regmi/Setopati

Transport entrepreneurs have demanded ban on import of automobiles for public transportation for five years.

They have put forth their demand of stopping the import of vehicles, stating that thousands of vehicles imported every year has caused air pollution and also worsened the state of road condition.

“We’ve demanded to halt importing of vehicles for five years with an aim to operate new vehicles by displacing the old ones,” Vice-President of Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Bharat Timalsina said.

He accused the office-bearers of Department of Transport Management (DoTM) of being influenced by mafias stating that they have not paid heed toward their repeated urge.

Timalsina further said that they are holding the internal consultation on the alternatives to stop obstruction on the revenue collection with the halt of vehicles importing.

Kathmandu Valley roads cover a total length of 5,228,320 feet (1,319 km) whereas 900,000 vehicles plying the road would make a queue of 6,597,253 feet if all the vehicles were put one after another in a start line.

In the fiscal year 2069/70, a total of 208,483 automobiles including small as well as large-sized vehicles and motorcycles were imported in the country. A total of 198,343 vehicles were imported in the fiscal year 2070/71. It was 239,583 in 2071/72, 343,765 in 2072/73,  and 444259 in 2073/74 , according to DoTM.



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