PM proposes postponement of election in provinces 2 and 5

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Meeting with RJP on Wednesday

Prime Minister (PM) Sher Bahadur Deuba during the meeting of four major parties at Singha Durbar Tuesday has proposed postponement of local election in provinces 2 and 5 to accommodate Rastriya Janata Party Nepal.

PM Deuba has put the proposal, calling the meeting of major parties including the main opposition CPN-UML, after RJP on Tuesday started protest programs including general strike  to disrupt the election scheduled for June 28.

"PM Deuba asked if RJP should be roped in even by postponing the election scheduled for June 28 in two provinces. But UML cannot accept postponement of election," UML Chairman KP Oli told the media while coming out of the meeting. Oli also suspected that the ruling parties themselves do not want to bring RJP to election.

CPN (Maoist Center) leader Barsha Man Pun said the proposal about postponing the scheduled election can be considered if RJP were to participate in the election. "The government is committed to holding the election on June 28. But we can think about postponing the date if RJP were to come along," he stated.

RJP will join the parties in the meeting on Wednesday to seek a breakthrough on the issue. RJP has started protest programs including general strike from Tuesday accusing the government of not showing seriousness to address its demands.

A few members had also opined that election in provinces 2 and 5 should be postponed during the central working committee meeting of NC held earlier on the day.


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