Local bodies running through temporary laws

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After the completion of the first and second phase of local elections except in Province No 2, across the country, the local bodies are running through temporary laws.

In the first phase, citizens in provinces 3, 4 and 6 elected their local representatives on May 14 while citizens in provinces 1, 5 and 7 have elected their representatives on June 14. However, citizens in Province No 2 are waiting for electing their representatives. The election in province 2 is scheduled for September 18.

As per the constitution, the local government is comprised of municipal and rural municipal assemblies headed by the executives of these local bodies.

All ward members elected within a municipality or rural municipality make up the municipal or rural assemblies. These assemblies should be responsible for local affairs including formulating laws, tax collection, local legislation, policy-making, social security, development planning, administration, and disbursement of benefits and local development funds among other several affairs.

The government recently has formulated temporary based 'model law' to operate the administration and other kinds of business in local levels. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has formulated 'model law' to run the local levels before the country will enter into the phase of implementing federal set up completely after the completion of three-tier of elections: local, provincial and federal.

Secretary at the Ministry Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said that the 'exemplary law' was developed to run these local bodies aimed at following uniformity in the all local bodies across the country in this transitional phase. He added that the Ministry formulated these laws as all three levels were yet to get full shape to formulate and enforce the respective laws by themselves.

According to Thapaliya, this model law has become effective since July 16.

Similarly, deputy spokesperson at the Ministry Indra Kumari Thapaliya shared that the Ministry has formulated 19 kinds of such model laws for local levels.

The law comprises local bodies' execution regulations, work division regulations, laws regarding to authenticate the decision and order, model code of conduct, rural and urban assembly operation regulations, laws regarding to legislature procedure and laws regarding the local taxation among others.

Deputy spokesperson Thapaliya further shared that these laws will be effective unless concerned bodies formulate laws after completion of all three-tier of elections.

The local bodies will be able to formulate separate laws after the completion of federal elections tentatively scheduled before upcoming January. RSS


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