Can’t force Sharma out unless he resigns voluntarily: VC

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Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University Hira Maharjan has said that TU Service Council (TSC) can implement Education Minister Madav Paudel’s instructions only if Dean of Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Sashi Sharma resigns from his post.

Minister Paudel in the capacity of pro-chancellor of TU had instructed TSC on Sunday to revert its earlier decision to appoint Sharma as the Dean of IOM.

Talking to Setopati Sunday evening, Vice Chancellor Maharjan said, “There is no way we can force Sharma out of his post unless he voluntarily resigns.”

Defending TSC’s decision to appoint Sharma as the Dean of Institute of Medicine Maharjan said, “He was appointed Dean following all due processes and no one has raised moral question against him so far.”

Maharjan further clarified: Once the TSC appoints Dean following all due processes for a four-year term, there is no provision in the regulations for his ouster.

He also requested Dr Govinda KC to give up his fast-unto-death campaign and try to resolve problems facing the hospital through dialogues.  

Following Sharma’s appointment as the Dean of the Institute of Medicine, popularly known as Teaching Hospital , Dr Govinda KC, a respected doctor at the institute has staged fast-onto-death.

Dr KC has demanded Dean Sharma’s resignation and end to political interference in the IOM.

Doctors across the country have halted health services, except emergency service, expressing solidarity with Dr KC. 


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