Congress leader Mahat to join cabinet

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Singh not to join cabinet without the post of deputy prime minister

Nepali Congress leader Ram Sharan Mahat is taking the oath of office as a minister without portfolio in the swearing-in ceremony being held Tuesday afternoon at Shital Niwas.

According to Congress sources, the newly elected Prime Minister Sushil Koirala also wanted the party leader Prakash Man Singh to take the oath as a minister without portfolio.

But Singh insisted that he be sworn in as deputy prime minister.

 "As we are yet to settle the power sharing issue with UML, Koirala asked him to join the cabinet later," said the source.

Mahat will be the only minister from the Congress to take the oath in the swearing-in ceremony at Shital Niwas.

UML is also not sending its ministers to take the oath after Koirala rejected to give the home ministry to the party.

President Ram Baran Yadav will administer oath to the newly elected Prime Minister Koirala and Mahat.       


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