Missing plane yet to be found

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The Nepal Airlines plane believed to have crashed in Arghakhanchi district while flying from Pokhara to Jumla has not been found yet. Five teams of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force from Gulmi and Arghakhanchi have not been able to locate the suspected crash site despite search operations for the past four hours. According to police, a rescue team has left for Murakot after concluding its search operation in Khidim VDC of Arghakhanchi.


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  • What Nepal can learn from 2005 Pakistan earthquake What Nepal can learn from 2005 Pakistan earthquake

    A separate but competent body headed by someone (not affiliated with any political party) who directly reports to Prime Minister and cuts across all bureaucracy could be to a way to address the post-earthquake reconstruction and challenges.

    Kedar Neupane

  • Lessons of the earthquake Lessons of the earthquake

    Indeed, this is the opportunity the crisis offers - to change our politics and our nation. Let us seize the opportunity. We can do it and not be so helpless when the next, a really big one, strikes.

    Naresh Koirala


  • Getting over fear of earthquake Getting over fear of earthquake

    Many people might feel life is not as secure as it once was, but with time, it will be. At this time, everybody should learn to smile again. Staying strong now will make us capable of facing any kind of situations in the future.

    Dr. Suira Joshi

  • Tiny tales on Nepal earthquake

    Mike McRobots, a reporter tweeted this picture of an old lady. This is what the caption read: "This amazing woman tells me she lost everything in the earthquake, and then offers me lunch. Humbling #Nepal"

    Arsalan Akhter

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    Dinant is not in conflict with the genuine peasant associations of Honduras: Our African Palm plantations support thousands of sustainable jobs with company pensions and compensation levels well above the national minimum wage; they have also significantly contributed to improving skills, education and health. We recognize the value and importance of engaging peacefully and transparently with those that hold different viewpoints and believe that we can find some common points of mutual interest.

  • A letter to our Honorable Prime Minister

    Lighting up the capital was not an end but a beginning towards infrastructure development, implementing the power treaties, scaling the economies upwards, and to write the constitution on time.