Missing plane yet to be found

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The Nepal Airlines plane believed to have crashed in Arghakhanchi district while flying from Pokhara to Jumla has not been found yet. Five teams of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force from Gulmi and Arghakhanchi have not been able to locate the suspected crash site despite search operations for the past four hours. According to police, a rescue team has left for Murakot after concluding its search operation in Khidim VDC of Arghakhanchi.


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  • 2 remain in custody in Britain attack, police say

    2 remain in custody in Britain attack, police say British police say that two people remain in custody following last week's attack in London as messaging services face criticism for encrypted networks that allow attackers to communicate in secret. Attacker Khalid Masood is believed to have used the messaging service WhatsApp before running down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and storming a gate outside Parliament armed with two knives. Four died in the rampage, including a police officer.

  • Every sector suffering from politicization: Oli

    Every sector suffering from politicization: Oli CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli has conceded that all the sectors in the country are suffering from politicization. Speaking in an interaction program with experts of different fields organized by the party on Monday, he assured UML will rise above its self-interest for development of the country and national unity and harmony.

  • New Indian envoy calls on UML Chair Oli

    New Indian envoy calls on UML Chair Oli India's newly appointed ambassador for Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri Monday called on CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli. During the meeting that took place at the parliamentary party office of UML Singha Durbar, the two discussed the matters relating to Nepal-India long-standing historic relations, its continuity and mutual interests, according to UML Chief Whip Bhanubhakta Dhakal.

  • PM Dahal meets Chinese President Xi Jinping

    PM Dahal meets Chinese President Xi Jinping Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is currently on China visit, has met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday afternoon. During the meeting that held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the duo discussed bilateral issues. According to PM's press advisor Govinda Acharya, PM Dahal shared that the meeting was important and fruitful.

  • NC CC meet discusses process of giving party tickets for local poll

    Discussions in Monday's session of the Nepali Congress central committee (CC) meeting focused on the process of giving party tickets for the upcoming local level election scheduled for May 14 this year. Party central members present in the meeting put their views on the 'appropriate ways' for giving party tickets to possible candidates from ward to metropolitan-level, according to party's Central Office Secretariat.


  • Unique fixation Unique fixation

    We take pride in Sagarmatha and also Bhagwan Buddha. We should introspect as to what has been “our” contribution in the making of both. The tallest mountain landmark is the outcome of tectonic push against the bigger landmass creating the upward drift that created the Himalaya. Prince Siddhartha, on the other hand, was born 2556 years ago or 23 centuries before Nepal got unified under Prithivi Narayan Shah. Siddhartha is believed to have attained enlightenment at the age of 35 or around six years after leaving Kapilvastu.

    Hemant Arjyal

  • Unwarranted misfortune Unwarranted misfortune

    All this pointed that the election will be held with public support despite efforts by those against it. But all that changed after three people were killed in Rajbiraj after the police opened fire on Madhesi Front cadres who were ‘hurling petrol bombs’ toward the venue where UML Chairman KP Oli had just finished his short address.

    Prem Dhakal


  • RPP’s election mandate and plausibility of its parliamentary position RPP’s election mandate and plausibility of its parliamentary position

    A political party in the government, which has taken oath under the prevailing constitution, to abide by its terms, and upholds the responsibility to preserve and promote its ownership, cannot be ethically sound, when it starts to hit the road defying the same constitutional spirit. As a part of the government, it’s the responsibility of RPP to charge itself with constitutional mandates instead of supervening its legality.

    Abhishek Jha

  • Men at work Men at work

    Currently the larger part of our urban area resembles a war zone with bulldozers and mechanical diggers running amok. What is left behind the unfinished work typically consists of mangled water pipes, jumbled up and torn telephone and electric wires, mounds of dug earth and gravel heaps, unfilled ditches and incomplete manholes.

    Hemant Arjyal

Readers Column

  • Traffic Police in Kathmandu

    As busy and hassling as the traffic system in Kathmandu is, the Traffic Police here have to handle an equally strenuous job. Over 1,400 traffic officers in and around the Kathmandu Valley battle against the pestering traffic and air pollution each day.

  • Menstrual taboo outdated

    I have seen my sisters and friends isolated and treated in discriminatory manner during their first menstruation cycle. They were not allowed to look at the sun, to touch water source, flower, fruits, any male family member, nor even hear their voice. The activist may claim the situation has changed and I do agree but still during every month my loved ones turns into untouchables beings.