Missing plane yet to be found

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The Nepal Airlines plane believed to have crashed in Arghakhanchi district while flying from Pokhara to Jumla has not been found yet. Five teams of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force from Gulmi and Arghakhanchi have not been able to locate the suspected crash site despite search operations for the past four hours. According to police, a rescue team has left for Murakot after concluding its search operation in Khidim VDC of Arghakhanchi.


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  • SC asks CIAA to release Dixit

    SC asks CIAA to release Dixit The Supreme Court has ordered the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to release journalist and chairman of the Sajha Yatayat, Kanakmani Dixit. A joint bench of Acting Chief Justice Sushila Karki and Justice Jagadish Sharma passed the judgment in this regard. Earlier, the Special Court had allowed the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority to detain him for 10 days for interrogation.

  • UCPN (M) chairman stresses national consensus and unity

    UCPN (M) chairman stresses national consensus and unity UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today outlined national consensus, unity and cooperation as today's necessity. Speaking to journalists at the Biratnagar Airport, Dahal termed national unity as an essential factor to deal with the challenges confronted by the country and address the demands of the disgruntled sides.

  • No possibility of government change, says leader Nepal

    No possibility of government change, says leader Nepal CPN (UML) leader Madhav Kumar Nepal declared that there is no possibility of government change immediately. Talking briefly to journalists at the Biratnagar Airport today, the former Prime Minister said any outstanding issues among the political parties could be resolved through talks.

  • 'NC will support in constitution implementation'

    'NC will support in constitution implementation' Nepali Congress central member, Prakashman Singh today assured of supporting in the constitution implementation, remaining in the main opposition. Speaking to journalists at Biratnagar Airport, Singh said his party would raise voices on contemporary issues in the parliamentary sessions to begin tomorrow. The government's work and actions have not taken on momentum in reconstruction and constitution implementation, Singh said.

  • Afghan police officer kills wife in public, then himself

    An Afghan official says that a police officer shot his wife in public before shooting himself in the country's eastern Paktika province. Nesar Ahmad AbdulRahimzai, deputy provincial police chief in Paktika, said on Monday that the man accused his wife of having affairs. He then shot her in front of a crowded public market before shooting himself.


  • Fatal Flaws and National Planning Commission Fatal Flaws and National Planning Commission

    The damages to Kathmandu’s “code compliant” buildings due to last year's earthquake were the consequence of fatal flaws in policy execution by responsible government agencies. Even the National Planning Commission, the government’s highest-level policy advisory body, lacks professionalism and commitment to reform.

    Naresh Koirala

  • Shades of fear and revenge Shades of fear and revenge

    We must ask our collective conscience: Would Thapa and Dixit have to face these attacks had they not stood up against Karki’s appointment? There is revenge behind it. State vengeance against the citizenry is in itself an abuse of power.

    Ameet Dhakal


  • A Dharahara story A Dharahara story

    The enclosure within antique wall surrounding Dharahara imparted a melancholic ambiance. A teenage girl from my village was among those who perished under Dharahara. No, I never knew her, nor had I ever seen her. Had climbed up Dharahara with the boy she loved, my father told me two weeks after the earthquake. The boy was about to migrate abroad for work, and they wanted to see Kathmandu far and wide from atop Dharahara before he flew away.

    Prawash Gautam

  • The Quake The Quake

    I put my head down again, and noticed the drip-drip-drip of blood from my mouth. The blood was dark red. I put my tongue against my tooth, and felt it shake. I had no idea, in that moment, what had hit me, and what had hit my country. As the cries of the people rose around me in eerie terror, it felt like an attack of some sort—a military attack, perhaps, or a bomb. It didn’t occur to me that this was an earthquake.

    Sushma Joshi

Readers Column

  • A right time to look for alternative fuel

    Nepal’s march to cleaner energy is not only expected but essential as an alternative to petroleum products is strongly felt among public and political circle.

  • I'm with Dr KC, are you?

    Since the past few years, KC has fought to bring reforms in Nepal's medical education sector. As a medical student myself, I understand and fully support the demands raised by him.