Missing plane yet to be found

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The Nepal Airlines plane believed to have crashed in Arghakhanchi district while flying from Pokhara to Jumla has not been found yet. Five teams of Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force from Gulmi and Arghakhanchi have not been able to locate the suspected crash site despite search operations for the past four hours. According to police, a rescue team has left for Murakot after concluding its search operation in Khidim VDC of Arghakhanchi.


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  • PM Koirala to inaugurate the 18th SAARC Summit

    PM Koirala to inaugurate the 18th SAARC Summit Prime Minister Koirala will inaugurate the SAARC Summit at 9:30 am after incumbent Chairman of SAARC, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, President of Maldives, declares the 18th SAARC summit open, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • CPN-M drops Biplav's clarification decision

    CPN-M drops Biplav's clarification decision CPN-M has decided to recall the decision to furnish clarifications from the Netra Bikram Chand-led faction for organizing a separate meeting allegedly with the intension of spliting the party.

  • Recall Ganesh Thapa from CA: RPP-N discontent faction

    Recall Ganesh Thapa from CA: RPP-N discontent faction An assembly of a dissatisfaction faction of Rastriya Prajatantra Party -Nepal (RPP-N) led by Padma Sundar Lawati has demanded that the party recall Ganesh Thapa from the post of Constituent Assembly (CA) member.

  • Chand faction attends CPN -Maoist plenum

    The dissenting faction of the CPN-M Secretary Netra Bikram Chand attended the party's plenum meeting of the central committee that kicked off today.

  • CPDCC meeting postponed indefinitely

    The meeting of the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) has been postponed indefinitely today.


  • SAARC's time to rise SAARC's time to rise

    Although the road to success will always be full of challenges, SAARC can come out of the slumber and start afresh. What is really needed is a strong impetus and desire to implement the goals that have been set and move forward with a grand vision. Let us hope that the 18th summit in Kathmandu shall usher a new era in the history of SAARC.

    Gaurab Shumsher Thapa

  • Federating Nepal right Federating Nepal right

    Provinces should be delineated vertically along north-south lines. It would be best if we retained the current five development regions. This model has taken into consideration interdependence of Tarai, the Hills and Himalaya. The problem with Panchayat regime was it created these regions with promises of devolution of powers, but never enacted their promises. With judicious decentralization and devolution of powers, these five regions would've served much like federal provinces today.

    Anil Karki


  • Some tips from Hospitality graduate Some tips from Hospitality graduate

    In college years, manager is a big word for hospitality students; later it becomes heavier. For the first few times, they feel immense pleasure to sign above ‘Manager’s Signature’, but gradually this task becomes heavier because of consequences a signature can brings. They just don’t want to sign anymore. From my experience, there are certain factors in hotels and restaurants which could make the first work experience sophisticated, and therefore pose equal chances of growth or discouragement.

    Roshan Thapa

  • Whose responsibility? Whose responsibility?

    How is it possible that a human, a child potentially in danger can be left on the pavement while doctors, nurses and surgeons are working a few meters away, while hundreds of people are passing by?

    Isabelle Lippitsch

Readers Column

  • State of denial

    Nanda Parsad Adhikari's painful death has raised a fundamental question to our political / legal system. Is this what we wanted ? What does a " federal democratic republic" means for a common people ?

  • Nepali Doctors in Pakistan express solidarity with agitating Dr Govinda KC

    Nepalese students Organization (NSO-Pakistan) organized meeting all Nepalese Doctors who are doing PG in different University gathered together in Lahore, Pakistan,in Pakistan Nepali Dctors are doing training in different college and university.