• The Constitution is Not a Magic Elixir The Constitution is Not a Magic Elixir

    Since federalism is a demand so closely tied to the new Constitution, this is not something both sides seem willing to give up on. Neither, however, do they seem to be able to come up with a mutually satisfactory solution. Nepali politics is adept at stonewalling, and this is something that could potentially continue for the next half century, in the manner of Burma, which is dealing with the exact same promise made of federalism to ethnic minorities, but which never came to fruition.

    Sushma Joshi

  • Was the Human Rights Watch report biased? Was the Human Rights Watch report biased?

    No analysis was done on how the killings in the Terai were triggered by the political action of the Morcha, including its decision to impose a destructive, human rights violating blockade on the entire country. But without this analysis, we are fated to repeat history.

    Sushma Joshi


  • Pain that speaks Pain that speaks

    Without understanding why I was crying, the poor child would wipe the tears off my eyes. But I could sense that she took it as role play where she became my mamma and I her baby. "Everything will be ok. Don’t worry," she would say in her limited speech. But I could not tell her that what was aching me was the fear of having to leave her midway of our journey, of leaving her grow in the absence of her mother.

    Samana Sainju

  • Make Your Intention Prevention Make Your Intention Prevention

    Many of these infections can be prevented when simple practices are used in hospitals and OPDs. The single most important way to prevent hospital-acquired infection is proper hand washing. The hands of nurses and doctors could become common sources of infection as they touch many things in the hospital as well as patients themselves.

    Dr Andrew Trotter

Readers Column

  • A right time to look for alternative fuel

    Nepal’s march to cleaner energy is not only expected but essential as an alternative to petroleum products is strongly felt among public and political circle.

  • I'm with Dr KC, are you?

    Since the past few years, KC has fought to bring reforms in Nepal's medical education sector. As a medical student myself, I understand and fully support the demands raised by him.