• Madhesi women speaking out Madhesi women speaking out

    The fact that Madhesi women, with their dual-subalternity, have reached a point where they can see liberation as an immediate issue that is relevant to their lives and not a distant incomprehensible matter is an achievement and a cause of (cautious) optimism for where the Madhes movement is headed.

    Abha Lal

  • Why Dr KC's demands are genuine Why Dr KC's demands are genuine

    Dr Govinda KC is absolutely correct and needs to be heard urgently: Unless medical education in Nepal can be systematically regulated without political interference, the rule of law in Nepal is meaningless and Nepal risks becoming a failed State.

    Gregory G. Maskarinec, PhD


  • How to kill 'Nepali time'? How to kill 'Nepali time'?

    It is easy to say, “It's our culture to start late.” Nobody is naturally late; it is the repetition of such phrases that perpetuate a culture of tardiness. Let’s make active changes to initiate a campaign of on-time arrival and kill the NEPALI TIME.

    Rajendra K Khatiwada

  • The First Twin Temblors and After-4 The First Twin Temblors and After-4

    Very soon I realized that Nepal by now had mammoth problems in its hands. Its many mostly hilly districts had been punctuated by destroyed houses and hovels. Roads were blocked by landslides. Imminent scarcities of all kinds were being seen and experienced. There was a rapid deterioration of self-esteem and confidence. With mental and psychological breakdowns already evident in human psyches and equilibriums, the adversely affected populace had become limpid, impotent and clueless.

    Peter J Karthak

Readers Column

  • For the visually impaired

    Coincidentally, I was surfing the internet one day when I recalled those yellow tiles. On Google I typed ‘Odd yellow tiles on the sidewalk’. Instantly trusty Google displayed answers on the screen. I felt a fat smile form on my face as I read. Immediately I was praising Nepalese policymakers.

  • A right time to look for alternative fuel

    Nepal’s march to cleaner energy is not only expected but essential as an alternative to petroleum products is strongly felt among public and political circle.