• Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

    The best thing our generation could do for those who come after us is to make relations between India and Nepal staid, normal and not at all special.

    Sagun Prasad Sharma

  • Time to reshape Nepal's foreign policy Time to reshape Nepal's foreign policy

    Learning lessons from history and current problems, Nepal must now maintain an equidistant relations with both her immediate neighbors. The much talked about cross-border roti-beti ties with the southern neighbor could be emphasized by the South-inclined policymakers and pundits. Yes, the people-to-people link must be respected and further strengthened. However, it should not weaken Nepal’s sovereignty and dignity.

    Surendra Regmi


  • A visit to Mytkyina A visit to Mytkyina

    I get the sense that what I told Mr. Lama earlier: killing your own people is never profitable, and not part of the Buddha dharma had been reported back to the group. It has entered the discourse and changed the tenor of people’s certainty.

    Sushma Joshi

  • Madhesi Mahila Diaries Madhesi Mahila Diaries

    I say this constitution is not inclusive or progressive but biased, unfair and classist. When a big part of my family sits on the roads crying out loud for their equal rights, I cannot bring myself to believe that this nation has agreed upon human rights and republican values.

    Moni Jha


Readers Column

  • A right time to look for alternative fuel

    Nepal’s march to cleaner energy is not only expected but essential as an alternative to petroleum products is strongly felt among public and political circle.

  • I'm with Dr KC, are you?

    Since the past few years, KC has fought to bring reforms in Nepal's medical education sector. As a medical student myself, I understand and fully support the demands raised by him.