• CIAA jurisdiction should not be curtailed CIAA jurisdiction should not be curtailed

    It is not clear why the CIAA jurisdiction on "improper conduct" has been stripped off like this. This was never an issue in the legal constitutional sector.

    Bipin Adhikari

  • Post- Earthquake reconstruction challenges Post- Earthquake reconstruction challenges

    Even in situations where required fund is no longer a problem, Nepal lacks state of the art expertise and the consolidated political commitment that contribute to and set stage for the reconstruction with due attention to future seismic hazards.

    Dipendra Pant


  • Failing SLC is not the end of the world Failing SLC is not the end of the world

    There is a need to put into place a social support system to provide emotional, psychological support to the students so they do not feel that life's success begins with passing SLC while life's purpose ends with failing it.

    Dr Vikash Paudel

  • What is Kawasaki Disease? What is Kawasaki Disease?

    Pioneer researches have found that some heart disease in the young may be the long term effect of undiagnosed and untreated Kawasaki Disease in childhood. Many such cases have been reported In Nepal.

    Dr Dharmagat Bhattarai

Readers Column

  • Corporación Dinant is not driven by corporate greed

    Dinant is not in conflict with the genuine peasant associations of Honduras: Our African Palm plantations support thousands of sustainable jobs with company pensions and compensation levels well above the national minimum wage; they have also significantly contributed to improving skills, education and health. We recognize the value and importance of engaging peacefully and transparently with those that hold different viewpoints and believe that we can find some common points of mutual interest.

  • A letter to our Honorable Prime Minister

    Lighting up the capital was not an end but a beginning towards infrastructure development, implementing the power treaties, scaling the economies upwards, and to write the constitution on time.