• Faint hope, bumpy road ahead Faint hope, bumpy road ahead

    History shows that sustaining economic achievements is the biggest challenge in Nepal. And, the global experiences show that massive economic reforms that welcome private investments and enforce effective regulatory mechanism are the best means to sustain and accelerate growth and enhance prosperity.

    Prem Khanal

  • Nepal’s National Agenda and Neighborly Relations Nepal’s National Agenda and Neighborly Relations

    With the emergence of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as the most powerful political party recently elected by a comfortable majority led by fearless, outspoken and committed leader Narendra Modi there cannot be any other time more opportune. This is the proper time to assess Indo-Nepal relations from a fresh perspective and contemplate on its future prospect.

    Kirti Nidhi Bista


  • Wither are we heading? Wither are we heading?

    In a country that is stabilizing and institutionalizing democratic values and freedom, what the education system and family values – the two most important institutions of socialization –are doing is subtly suppressing or limiting the very essence of personal freedom and choice.

    Prawash Gautam

  • Price of humility Price of humility

    We do not realize that our profession accrues more respect when a patient smiles back at us or appreciates our service. Moreover, patients' gratitude could give immense psychological benefit to doctors and nurses and help relieve their tiredness.

    Binita Adhikari

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