Dr KC leaves for treatment of Musahars four days after ending hunger strike

Dr KC with his associate Dr Abhishek Raj Singh ( Photo Source: Abhishek Raj Singh)

Dr Govinda KC on Wednesday has left for treatment of Musahars affected by the cold wave in Madhes just four days after ending his 14th fast-unto-death on Saturday. A team led by Dr KC has left Kathmandu for Madhes in the morning with medicines, some blankets and warm clothes.

Dr KC’s associate Dr Abhishek Raj Singh told Setopati that Dr KC will run a health camp for Musahars of Gadhimai municipality, Rautahat. Dr KC had planned for a health camp in Madhes since the start of cold wave in Madhes a month ago.

But Dr KC started the 14th hunger strike on January 8 after the Supreme Court (SC) ordered reinstatement of Dr Shashi Sharma as dean of the Institute of Medicine for just four days a day earlier.

He demanded dismissal of Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli, whose bench had ordered the reinstatement of Dr Sharma, before starting the fast and was subsequently arrested within five hours for contempt of court.

The SC then released him on date two days later and he ended the fast on Saturday after a five-point agreement with the government.

A total of 19 persons have died of cold wave in Rautahat district until now, according to the police.



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