Study started on proposed Hanumandhoka-Swoyambhu heritage trail

People’s representatives from the Hanumandhoka and Swoyambhu areas and the UNESCO representatives have conducted an on-site study on the prospects of developing heritage trail from local Hanumandhoka to Swoyambhu.
Hanumandhoka and Swoyambhu are the UNESCO world heritage sites.

The study team was led by the House of Representatives member Jeevan Ram Shrestha. It comprised Province Assembly member Rajesh Shakya, representatives of the local level and the UNESCO Nepal representative Chiristian Manhart. The team carried out the study on Sunday.

The locals and heritage experts had apprised the team about the various temples and shrines, traditional stone spouts and other heritages along the 3-km long Hanumandhoka- Swoyambhu heritage trail.

Lawmaker Shrestha said that home work would be carried out for developing a heritage trail and a policy on the same after studying the ancient heritages from Hanumandhoka to Swoyambhu.



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