Energy Ministry gets approval to establish Electricity Regulatory Commission

The Ministry of Energy has now proceeded with the formation of Electricity Regulatory Commission after 16 years of the introduction of its concept. The process followed the Finance Ministry’s approval to the regulations toward this end prepared by the Ministry on the basis of Electricity Regulatory Commission Act- 2073 BS.

As stated by Energy Ministry’s joint secretary and spokesperson Dinesh Kumar Ghimire, the Finance Ministry gave the green signal to the regulations Sunday.

The Ministry first seeks required feedback about this from the Ministry of Law, Justice and Federal Affairs and will present the proposal to the Cabinet for further actions.

The formation of Commission has been long waited in the country since its concept was floated around 16 years ago. The Legislature Parliament on August 11, last year passed Electricity Regulatory Commission Bill.

The Energy Crisis Prevention Action Plan issued by the government on February 18, 2016 incorporates the provision about the formation of a high-level Electricity Regulation Commission which will have the authority to regulate the issues relating to transmission line, power purchase, tariff fixing and implementation, among others. Commission’s decision and direction shall be followed mandatory that’s why its presence will be significant in view of ending irregularities reported in the sector of energy. It will have one chair, and four members and the appointments will be made on the basis of principle of proportional inclusion



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