Dharmakaya Buddha Mandala being constructed in Pokhara

A Dharmakaya Buddha Mandala is under construction at Kanhudanda of Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City.

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is being constructed on 178 ropanis area of land at Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City -11 at an estimated cost of seven billion rupees.

A big statue of the Buddha is also to be placed at the mandala depicting all aspects of Buddha’s life.

Secretary of the mandala construction committee, Raj Bahadur Gurung, said that the construction of the mandala would help enhance the tourism attraction in Pokhara. According to him, the objective is to attract a large number of religious tourists to Pokhara, besides other visitors.

The local Dharapani Community Forest Users Committee has provided 170 ropanis land for the construction of the mandala. Additional two ropanis land had been donated by locals.

A team from the Sahara Club, UK and Hong Kong inspected the construction site on Tuesday. The team comprised Sahara Club, UK president Meen Gurung (Sainla), Sahara Club Hong Kong president Deepak Gurung, the Diamond Buddhist Centre, UK president Yogesh Gurung and BCC UK, Mothers’ Group chairperson Pushpa Gurung, among others.

The team members expressed that construction of the Dharmakaya Buddha Mandala would go a long way in promoting tourism and pledged support on behalf their respective organisations in its construction.

Meanwhile, various organizations and individuals have contributed money for the construction of the mandala. The Diamond Buddhist Centre, UK has provided Rs 314,114, Centre president Yogesh Gurung Rs 111,111, Buddhi Bahadur Gurung, a UK resident, Rs 111,111 and Ayee Bahadur Gurung and Mrs Durga Gurung, both residents of UK, Rs 100,500.

Similarly, Sahara UK president Meen Bahadur Gurung (Sainla) and Sarada Gurung have contributed Rs 100,000, Sahara Club UK advisor Chandra Bahadur Gurung Rs 101,000, Jas Bahadur Gurung Rs 101,101 and Hari Shrestha Rs 50,000.

On the occasion, chairperson of the mandala construction committee Rudra Kumari Gurung (Maina) thanked all those who provided the monetary and other assistance for the construction of the mandala.



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