Month-long Madhav Narayan fair concludes (Photos)

The month-long Madhav Narayan fair that is held every year since the Sri Swasthani Poornima has concluded Wednesday.

Historical evidence shows that the fair began at Hanumanghat of Bhaktapur in 722 Nepal Sambat at the initiative of Ranjit Malla. This year, the fair witnessed more participation of women devotees than men.

The fair is believed to have begun in the eighth century of Nepal Sambat and it’s usually the women who observe a fast throughout the month of Magh in the lunar calendar.

Those observing fast of Madhav Narayan begin with a dip at Triveni River early in the morning followed by worshiping and chanting of mantras. The participating devotees conclude the fair by offering Indrakalash to Taleju Bhawani in front of the statue of Bhupatindra Malla after walking all way around various devalayas at Bhaktapur municipality.

Women taking part in the fair walk barefoot and visit Taleju Bhawani from Tilmadhav and worship Indreshowr Mahadev after taking holy dip at Tribeni.



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