2,039 shallow tube-wells, 12 deep tube-wells installed in Lahan

Lahan Office of Groundwater Resources Development Board (GRDB) has installed 2,039 shallow tube-wells and 12 deep tube-wells targeting farmers of Siraha, Saptari and Udayapur districts.

Lahan Chief of GRDB, Kameshwor Yadav, said that a total of 950 shallow tube-wells were installed in Siraha, 955 in Saptari and 134 in Udayapur in the fiscal year 2016/17.

Similarly, three deep tube-wells were installed at Bhadaiya Amahi, Dhangadhimai municipality and Sanhaitha of Sihara, seven deep tube-wells at Siswa Dhangadhi, Shambhunath municipality, Kanchanroop municipality-2 and Sitapur of Saptari.

Likewise, two deep tube-wells were also installed at Rampur Thoksila and Triyuga municipality-9 of Udayapur district.

The shallow and deep tube-wells were installed with an objective of increasing agro-products providing irrigation facility. Around 2,000 bighas of land in Siraha, 2,700 bighas of land in Saptari and 1,000 bighas of land in Udayapur have been irrigated after the installation of shallow and deep tube-wells.

Seven shallow tube-wells would be installed in Siraha, 11 in Saptari and one in Udayapur in the current fiscal year 2017/18 under Prosperous tarai-Madhes Irrigation Special Program.



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