35% quake survivors yet to rebuild their houses in Sindhupalchowk

Rescue workers remove debris as they search for victims of the earthquake in the city of Bhaktapur (pictured above) found in the east of the Kathmandu Valley. Photo Source: AP

Thirty-five per cent earthquake-affected people in Sindhupalchowk district have not yet reconstructed their houses.

Sindhupalchowk is one of the worst affected districts from the April 25, 2015 devastating earthquake.

The quake survivors have not been able to rebuild as they spent the first tranche of the house construction grants for domestic purposes and also because of the shortage of money and skilled construction workers, coupled with sky-rocketing cost of construction materials.

There are 78,537 registered earthquake survivor beneficiaries in the district. Additional 5,126 quake survivor families, who were left out from the first list of beneficiaries, were registered later.

Chief of the Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office Tanka Gautam said, so far, only 65 per cent of those registered beneficiaries have started constructing their houses in the district.

At least 40,350 families have been recommended for the second installment while 5,486 families recommended for releasing third installment of the government grants, Gautam said.

Meanwhile, 63 earthquake-affected families who were displaced after their locale developed cracks and gaps following the earthquake have been settled in a safe place by purchasing housing plots for them. Among these families, 18 are from Bahrabise municipality and 43 are from Indrawati rural municipality. So far, 521 families in the district have been identified as living in at risky areas in the district.



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