10 spots selected for development of integration settlement

Some 10 spots have been chosen for the development of integrated settlement in three areas here.

These sites have been selected being based on the recommendation of a meeting attended by different stakeholders on Monday. The meeting dwelt on a report prepared by a consultancy company which was chosen for selecting perspective settlements.

Chief of District Project Implementation Unit Bidur Khadka said that they are selecting three out of 10 settlements identified after on-site inspection.

Among the sites selected for the development of integrated settlement are Gankhar of Chaughada, Kolputar of Duipipal, Chandretar Khalte of Ratmate, Dumre of Shivapuri, Saharetar of Kabilas, Ratmatetar of Kakani, Thali of Budhsingh, Dihi of Shikhabesi, Deurali Bazaar of Meghang and Bahunbesi of Narjamandap, shared the Expert and Consultancy Company.

The Ministry of Urban Development has awarded the responsibility to the consultancy company for preparing Detailed Project Report (DPR) in the perspective sites selected for the construction of integrated settlement.



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