Sadhus arriving in Pashupatinath (Photos)

Tens of thousands of devotees have arrived in Kathmandu from different parts of the country and abroad to observe Mahashivaratri on Tuesday. Sadhus from various parts of the country and India have also arrived in the Pashupati areas to mark the day.

Hundreds of sadhus have arrived here for Tuesday and some are also in the process of visiting here, according to the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT). With the arrival of sadhus, the Pashupati area has started to become densely crowded.

Some sadhus also earn while here with some involved in selling marijuana, and other intoxicating liquids to the visitors.

Meanwhile, the locals in Pashupati area feel the number of sadhus is decreasing in comparison to previous years. This time, the PADT has completely banned sale and distribution of marijuana, which according to the locals, is the reason behind decreasing arrival of sadhus in Kathmandu this year.



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