4,500 police personnel mobilized in Pashupati

Police personnel being recruited on Mahashivaratri at Pashupati area to control the activities of theft and robbery. Photo: Narayan Maharjan/Setopati

Police have beefed up security at the Pashupati area on Tuesday in a bid to control criminal activities including thefts and robberies from the devotees visiting Pashupatinath temple for Mahashivaratri.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner AIG Jaya Bahadur Chand said that around 4,500 police personnel have been deployed to help devotees line up in a queue to worship in the temple and also for the management of vehicles at parking spots.

“We’ve done some necessary preparations for the day after studying earlier weaknesses. So we have deployed security personnel from Monday night,” Chand told Setopati, “We are aware of problems that devotees could face while worshiping in the temple. We are thus managing the security system as required.”

As many as 150 police women in plain clothes have been mobilized to identify the groups involved in jewelry theft and stealing money from the devotees.

Chand further said that assistant command posts have been set up at 12 different locations for security management. Those who are involved in selling and distributing intoxicating liquids including bhang, and marijuana to visitors will be arrested.

“Those selling prohibited things in the name of celebrating Shivaratri will be arrested as per the law. There is no excuse in the name of religion,” he said.

At least 37 CCTV cameras have been installed at various places of the Pashupati area.





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