International archaeologists taken on-site visit around Kapilvastu

International archaeologists were taken on a study and observation tour of the Buddhist heritage sites in Kapilvastu and surrounding areas.

The joint team of experts were shown around the archaeological sites at Sagarhawa, Aaraurakot and Lumbini today. On the occasion, the team members were briefed about the archaeological and historical importance of the area. The observation tour was jointly organized by the Department of Archaeology, the Durham University of the UK and the Lumbini Development Trust.

A 13-member team of experts from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, UK and Italy had arrived in Nepal last month for archaeological exploration and excavation in the areas.

Geo-physical survey is being carried out in these areas at present in connection with archaeological exploration.
Department spokesperson Ram Bahadur Kunwar said that the archaeological excavation in Tilaurakot since some years back has yielded evidence of the existence of 800 BC-old human civilisation in the area. The excavation is being carried out with the financial support of the UNESCO Funding Trust.

The Department publicized this fact after scientifically verifying the various artefacts discovered in course of the excavation.



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