Westerly winds trigger light rain in many parts of country

Almost all parts of the country witnessed light rainfall Tuesday following a change in weather pattern nationwide due to influence of westerly winds.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division(MFD), there is a change in weather across the country because of impact of westerly winds and such change triggered light rain in eastern and western parts.

Meteorologist Barun Poudel predicts that there will be improvement in the weather from Wednesday as westerly low pressure system is moving toward the east.

Kathmandu received light rainfall early morning Tuesday, becoming relatively cooler.

As per the latest updates made available by the Division, Jumla witnessed 29 mm, Surkhet 18 mm, Dadeldhura 12 mm, Dang 12 mm, Dipayal 9 mm, Banke 8 mm, Dhangadhi and Bhairahawa 4 mm and Pokhara and Kathmandu 2 mm rain Wednesday.

Kathmandu’s maximum temperature was measured at 20 degrees Celsius while the minimum was 8 degrees Celsius. Jumla’s temperature dropped to -3.9 degrees Celsius.



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